About Us

Petit Brot's main goal is to offer and promote conscious, sustainable, ethical and truly healthy food & lifestyle with a vision of a better and healthier world.

We are specialized in cold-pressed juices and raw & living foods, all 100% organic and local whenever possible.

Our drinks and foods are handmade, and are prepared with 100% plant-based and unrefined raw ingredients just as Nature provides them! We use preparation methods that don’t heat ingredients above 42 °C which ensures that all the delicate enzymes and nutrients stay intact, facilitating their assimilation and proper digestion. Eating more raw & living foods will give you energy, keep you young and provide protection from toxins and disease.

We invite you to taste and feel the difference of our authentic foods brimming with natural flavours, in our cosy space created with bio-construction and love!

Our Products

Our specialities are cold-pressed vegetable & fruit juices, wheatgrass shots and superfood smoothies, all of which are prepared in front of your eyes. But that's not all! We also make delicious raw plant-based milks, salads with our own grown sprouts & micro-greens, dehydrated foods, delicious yet healthy raw desserts and a variety of other raw goodies, all 100% organic.

Our Space

We created our space using bio-construction techniques, with walls made of natural and biodegradable materials, non-toxic mineral paint, bamboo floor and wooden items from sustainable forests, electricity from renewable sources, amongst others. Our wish is to offer a healthy space free of toxins, natural and sustainable, created with care and consciousness for you and for the planet.

Our Animal Companions

We love and respect all animals, not just the ones that our culture and society dictates to be human mates. On top of that, animal products are simply not necessary for vibrant health.

All our products are 100% vegan, and always will be.

We Care for the Environment

Preserving the planet is among our highest values, after all, it’s the only place we have to live!

We source the majority of fresh and dry produce from local farmers, often grown using biodynamic farming practices and always 100% organic, promoting local and clean agriculture.

Our transparent packaging, even though they resemble plastic, are made of organic plant sources and are therefore 100% compostable, meaning they should be thrown in brown bins to allow their decomposition. The rest of our packaging is made of recycled paper and other natural materials. We use biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products, trying to keep our environmental impact as minimal as possible. Now isn’t that a better way forward?

The Heart of Petit Brot

We’re a couple whose lifestyle changed several years ago when we watched a disturbing yet inspiring on-line lecture on animal cruelty, environmental issues and health challenges in today’s world. The information we saw challenged our then current beliefs and cultural habits, awakening an eager appetence for knowledge and truth. Over time we acquired just enough information to change our diets and go vegan with confidence, and as we continued our journey towards this lifestyle we were attracted to raw vegan foods and the science behind it, especially thanks to the information provided by Hippocrates Health Institute, whose philosophy of raw & living foods we follow. Today we’re here to promote a lifestyle that is conscious and responsible, sustainable and ethical, and on top of that it allows people to thrive and enjoy life to its fullest!