Petit Brot's Living Juices

We dare to say that we make raw living juices that are highest in nutrients and richest in flavour. One of the main reasons for this is that our juices are made right in front of you as soon as you order them, as fresh as they could possibly be.

Furthermore, our extractors are some of the most advanced machines in the world, being capable of opening plant cells walls of raw ingredients and extracting juice without altering the nutrients and properties. The juice extraction happens at low speeds only (82 rpm), with no high-speed turning parts unlike other cold-press or centrifugal juicers used commercially. What’s more, our juicers are made of 100% stainless steel so there are no plastic parts coming in contact with your juice.

During the extraction process, vegetables and fruit are triturated (crushed and ground into very fine particles at a low speed) and then pressed using twin gears until all the nutrients are released to the juice. This way, you get pure living cold-pressed juice naturally boosting your immunity, making you feel rejuvenated and full of energy!

Apart of the advanced technology of our extractors, it is important to emphasize that our juices are made with 100% organic, mostly local vegetables and fruit; and own grown micro-greens and sprouts, ensuring that you get the most nutrient-dense and flavour-rich drinks possible.

We’ve created a vibrant juice menu which changes with seasons to ensure you get the full spectrum of nutrients, benefits and flavours throughout the year!

Benefits of our Living Juices

Because our juices are made on the spot as soon as you order them, you'll get 100% of the following benefits.

  • Life force energy (bio-electricity) which charges our cells and allows them to work effectively
  • Strengthening of the immune system which promotes healing and protection from disease
  • Support in detoxification and cleansing
  • Increased energy levels
  • Rich in antioxidants which slow down the ageing process and protect your cells from damage
  • Blood purification and oxygenation
  • Rich in bio-available vitamins, dietary minerals, food enzymes, phytochemicals and other essential nutrients
  • Helps establish an ideal alkaline/acid ratio in your body
  • Natural weight loss properties
  • Mental clarity and better concentration
  • Decline of cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Easy to consume larger amounts of raw vegetables in an efficient manner (especially green leafy ones)
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Quick and effective nutrient assimilation (15 to 30 minutes on empty stomach).

Differences between living cold-pressed juices and bottled cold-pressed juices

While it is great that more and more places offer cold-pressed juices, the vast majority of juice bars and shops all around the world seem to ‘’forget’’ one of the main factors which makes cold-pressed juices so health-promoting – it is their freshness.

Cold-pressed juices deserve special attention when it comes to their freshness and nutritional value – not all of them are created equal and we’d love you to know the differences so that you can make an informed choice when buying.

We think that there’s too much misleading marketing, and all kinds of fashions and trends going on with cold-pressed juices and their benefits – all of which inevitably lead to misinformation and misunderstanding among not only consumers, but sadly, also amongst their makers.

So the main argument goes that ’’bottled raw cold-pressed juices retain all the nutrients and properties intact for 1, 2, 3 or even 4 days’’. We agree that it would be really great if this was true, but sadly it can’t be further from it.

First of all, let’s use common sense and widely accepted and recognized knowledge about natural processes of food degradation. A simple example is storing whole vegetables and fruit in the fridge or at room temperature. No matter what you do, nutrients in whole, ripe fruit and vegetables will always degrade with increasing storage time.

Cold-pressed juicers and extractors would have to be really MAGICAL to be able to stop the natural process of food and nutrient degradation, especially considering the fact that the fibre is removed during juicing and with it is gone its protection of nutrients.

As far as nutritional science is concerned, it is known that when you extract juice from any fruit or vegetable – even with the best cold-press technology – the delicate nutrients contained in juice start to degrade and denature rapidly.

One has to consider that the procedure of making batches of cold-press juice in a commercial setting takes a considerable amount of time. Before all juice gets extracted, mixed, and then poured into bottles and hermetically closed, many of its nutrients and benefits are irretrievably denatured or vanished. Then, these bottled juices are put into refrigerators where they slowly but surely continue to lose their delicate nutrients, benefits and flavour, until you drink them, at which point they are at which point the nutritional value has been degraded significantly.

There are three primary causes of food and nutrient degradation:

  • Light, which is rather impossible to avoid during juice making and storing in display refrigerators
  • Oxygen, also impossible to avoid during juice making and processing
  • Heat, which isn’t generated by of quality cold-press extractors

Among the nutrients that are most sensitive to light, oxygen and heat belong: vitamins, enzymes, phyto-nutrients, plant hormones, fatty acids and proteins.

What’s more, there are bio-electrical charges in raw and living foods, or in other words the life force energy of that food, which are lost if the juice isn’t consumed shortly after extracting. The bio-electricity in food really matters as each cell of our body is like a tiny battery, and raw living juices supply the right bio-electricity which charges these batteries. As a result, your cells can work more efficiently, supporting optimal body function.

These are some of the main reasons why we always recommend drinking cold-pressed juices (and smoothies too!) that are freshly made in front of you. My mom always used to tell me to drink up my orange juice right after she made it, and she was right!

Well, we hope that next time you are told that bottled cold-pressed juices retain all of their benefits and nutrients intact, you’ll be equipped with some basic information to know that these statements are far from truth.

On the other hand, and while not being ideal, bottled raw cold-pressed juices are a good option if you don’t have access to freshly made ones, or when doing a juice detox program, as it may be challenging for most of you to go and get your juices several times a day. While you certainly don’t get 100% of the benefits & nutrients as it is often claimed, you’ll still provide your body with some valuable nutrients and support in detoxification.