What is Raw & Living Food

When we say raw & living foods, we refer to plant-based foods as Nature provides them – unrefined and unprocessed by high temperatures, these foods have all of their nutrients preserved. Raw & living foods are nutritionally and energetically balanced, and are capable of improving your health and enhancing your energy levels!

Raw foods & Living foods are two different but at the same time very similar foods...

Raw Food

As Raw food is normally considered any plant-based food that is not processed by temperatures above 42 °C, keeping in mind that this temperature may vary slightly for different nutrients and substances in food. When heating up/cooking food above 42 °C, its nutrients quickly start to degrade, many become denatured and unusable to your body.

Raw food principles avoid processing techniques that adulterate naturally occurring properties and nutrients in food, especially enzymes.

Best raw food examples?

Basically the whole plant kingdom! Vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, algae, wild plants, fungi, roots, spices and herbs.


Living Food

Living food is basically raw food as well, but with an added benefit – not only it contains life force and unaltered nutrients just like raw food, but it also can give life! Think of seeds, grains, legumes and nuts, all of which can be activated by soaking and sprouted to create a new baby plant or tree, and this is where their true life force lies.

Best living food examples?

Sprouts and micro-greens are the best representatives of the living foods group with their super high nutrient and enzyme content, making them one of the most nutritious land-based foods on the planet. Research shows that sprouting decreases anti-nutrients, while markedly increasing amino acid levels, vitamin levels, mineral availability, oxygen levels, phyto-nutrient levels, etc. Sprouts and micro-greens happen to be 10 to 30 times more nutritious than best raw vegetables, which makes them a true superfood!

Perhaps you ask yourself now how is raw food prepared, if at all. Well, there are many methods from basic ones such as slicing, juicing, blending and mashing; to more advanced techniques such as fermenting, marinating, sprouting and dehydrating. Many of these actually enhance the properties and/or bio-availability of nutrients!

Raw & living foods represent an unbroken nutritional and energetic wholeness – vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), fatty acids (fats), carbohydrates, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, plant hormones, oxygen, bio-electrical charges and other co-factors – all which are important to optimal body function, and which are most effective and usable in their natural=unaltered state.

At Petit Brot we focus at these foods as they are simply nutritional bombs capable of improving your health and bringing vitality to your life!

Why Raw & Living Foods are good for me?

Raw & living foods are recognized for their capacity to enhance your energy levels, strengthen the immune system, improve your digestion, provide support in detoxification, reduce inflammation in the body and aid in weight loss, amongst others. What’s more, they can decrease your risk of developing chronic and degenerative diseases, such as diabetes type 2, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, certain forms of cancers and much more.

How is this possible? In simple words, because raw & living foods are foods our bodies are designed for.

  • Raw & living foods contain enzymes which are living biochemical factors that activate and carry out all the biological processes in the body such as digestion, nerve impulses, detoxification processes, functioning of RNA/DNA, repair and healing of the body, etc. Food enzymes are supplied to us through the foods we eat, and apart of other functions, they greatly aid in digestion of foods. Cooking destroys enzymes in foods which means that the body needs to provide enzymes from its own storage. Since our body enzyme production isn’t infinite and drops significantly as we age, eating more raw & living foods helps us preserve our own-made enzymes which plays an important role in slowing down the ageing process and therefore keeping us younger!
  • These life-giving foods help alkalize the body, a key factor in building excellent health. When the body is in an alkaline state, it’s better able both to absorb nutrients and to expel toxins more efficiently. Today’s standard diets based on animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products; but also processed/cooked foods, bread, pasta, soft drinks, etc., create an acidic environment in the body where disease can thrive.
  • Raw & living foods are also very rich in phytonutrients, plant compounds that have great protective and/or disease preventive properties. Research shows that phytonutrients can help reduce the risk of many chronic and degenerative diseases. Phytonutrients may also help slow the ageing process, enhance eyesight and brain function, amongst many others. As with many other nutrients and substances, processing foods with heat greatly reduces or completely deactivates most of the phytonutrients.
  • Note that each cell of your body is like a tiny battery, and raw & living foods supply the bio-electricity which charges these batteries, which in turn improves your health on a cellular level. An interesting view of the bio-electrical energy of raw & living foods can be clearly seen in Kirlian photographs which serve as a visual representation of the living elements in food. This photographic process shows electrical discharges that naturally emanate from all living things as luminescent, aura-like flares surrounding the subject. The glow is bright and radiant in raw foods, yet almost totally absent in comparable cooked foods.
    A simple example of the life force within seeds, grains, legumes and nuts is that, if given the right conditions, they will germinate and grow, creating a whole new life. Now, take cooked versions of all the mentioned foods, put them into soil and see if a plant will grow…they will rot rather than sprout, and a new plant won’t ever appear. You can see that there is certain life force, and it is one of the benefits that you are losing by eating cooked and highly processed foods.
  • Plant hormones are naturally-occurring hormones in plants, and are the ‘language’ (signal molecules) between cells, being responsible for regulating cellular processes. Among other benefits, researchers have found that some plant hormones have the ability to fight human cancer cells. Plant hormones are sensitive to heat so they get denatured when cooked.
  • Vegetables and fruit contain plenty of oxygen and water, both of which are drastically decreased during cooking. Oxygen is critical to the process of digestion and nutrient absorption, so it must be present to effectively absorb nutrients into cells.
  • Cooking fats changes their molecular structure in a way that disrupts the cell structure and impairs cellular function. Carbohydrates and proteins are also negatively affected during heat processing. Even fibre in food loses its colon cleaning properties when cooked.

And yet there’s more to it...

  • When you eat cooked food your body reacts to it with a process called digestive leucocytosis. The term leucocytosis refers to an increase in white blood cells, indicating the body is in attack mode. Leucocytosis commonly occurs when you are sick, your white blood cells come out to protect you, but now it happens when you eat cooked foods, which means your body reacts to cooked food as an invader rather than a nutrition and energy source. Note that this reaction does not occur after eating (uncooked) raw & living foods.
  • Being the foods our digestive tracts are designed for, raw & living foods naturally support proper digestion and bowel movement, as well as a well-functioning immune system. Keep in mind that a stunning 80% of your immune system is based in your gut, so it really matters what you eat and drink, and how it is prepared!
  • By choosing organic/bio-dynamic raw & living foods you are saying NO to genetic modification of food, NO to animal exploitation, NO to use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers and other harmful substances standardly used in conventional farming. And you are saying YES to more nutritive food, YES to healthier you, YES to sustainable farming practises which respect more the environment and the animals living in it, YES to brighter future for all!

There are some exceptions where processing food by heat may release certain nutrients or make them more bio-available than they would be in raw food, however, this happens in few cases. The overall nutritional benefits of eating raw & living foods greatly outbalance the few nutritional benefits of cooked foods.

You certainly don’t need to follow 100% raw & living foods diet to achieve a long-term optimum health, but try to eat as much of them as you can, ideally around 75%. Keep in mind that the more of healthy raw & living foods you eat, the better and healthier you'll feel!